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Washington, D.C., Here We Come!

The one constant throughout the transition of making a life as a newlywed woman in a new place and launching a new company was Tide Risers. I don’t know of any other year long experience designed for women and committed to providing each woman the space to get “unstuck” personally and professionally.

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Announcing the 2018 Raleigh Cohort!

I’m excited to see how each woman in this cohort invites us into deeper learning around new paradigms for life and leadership. I’m grateful that we all know one another now, that we have a shared identity as Tide Risers, and that this cohort and community is officially launched. 

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The Power of #MeToo

One of the driving concepts behind Tide Risers was the power of being a member of a group designed to bring people together who share life experiences. But how do we ensure that by choosing to spend time with people like ourselves we don’t end up in a cloistered bubble of self-reflection, through which other voices and experiences can’t penetrate?

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