City of Sisterly Love

I believe that what we need is a community of sisterly love.  A community of women in the Greater Philadelphia area who want support, encouragement, and accountability to help each other listen to, and then lean into, that urge for more.  Fortunately, there is Tide Risers, and fortunately, Tide Risers is coming to Philly!

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Marion Biglan
Tide Risers and the Femtrepreneur

Tide Risers is a deliberate community for women leaders working for the greater good. But we’re more than that. We’re also a launchpad for female entrepreneurs, and an engine that enables women to take the step toward independent employment. Here’s how it works.

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Lara Holliday
The Men Behind Tide Risers

As much as the single-gender nature of the Tide Risers program is essential for the type of self-reflective learning and growing we do, one look at the men behind Tide Risers illustrates the critical nature of allies. The dedication of these men to our work is testament to their faith that when we support and uplift one another — men and women alike — we all rise.

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Fighting the Gender Pay Gap: What I am I Worth?

Because the gender pay gap is still very much alive and kicking, we as women should take it as our responsibility to our gender to insist we are paid what we are worth. Recognize that you need to advocate for yourself, and prepare yourself for difficult conversations about money. Here’s how.

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Gather a Squad

I will never forget that hot, humid summer morning when my newborn daughter and I were planning to meet up with moms on maternity leave and their babies, almost all of whom we’d never met. Equal parts thrilled and terrified to leave the house — and also a bit nervous about the impression I’d make after sleeping in two hour increments for many weeks.

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Washington, D.C., Here We Come!

The one constant throughout the transition of making a life as a newlywed woman in a new place and launching a new company was Tide Risers. I don’t know of any other year long experience designed for women and committed to providing each woman the space to get “unstuck” personally and professionally.

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