My Hope for Tide Risers Alumnae

It’s September already, and I'm stunned at how fast our first year of Tide Risers is flying by! I’ve been reflecting a lot on this year and what our Tide Risers are gaining from the program, and what we can do to best support them going forward. To that end, we will be launching an alumni program called Tide Risers Empriseurs to keep members engaged in the Tide Risers community. 

Photo by Tim Wright

Photo by Tim Wright

I have also been thinking about what I expect from our Tide Risers going forward. By December, current members will have spent one full year working within a community of dedicated, powerhouse women, delving deep into their goals and ambitions to serve the greater good. I hope every Tide Riser will be able to make the most of this experience, and share their learnings and new skills with a broad audience.

Specifically, to our current Tide Risers, here’s what I hope you will do as Tide Risers alumnae once your cohort concludes its work together in December:


1. Live as an example.

My hope is that all Tide Risers alumnae use their lives as an example of our core belief that when women support one another, we all rise. We need to stand for one another, and end the tendency to compete rather than lift one another up. I know each Tide Risers alumna can be a model for the support, promotion, and encouragement we all need to enable women to rise together.


2. Flex your capacity to do good.

Lean hard on your values and use them for decision-making, in your personal and professional lives. Allow the question “What will most benefit the greater good?” to be a leading consideration when contemplating decisions going forward.


3. Be kind to yourself.

We must care for ourselves if we expect to be able to care for others. Engage in intentional moments of self-forgiveness, self-care, and the restoration you need to be your best self. No beating yourself up because of small or large mistakes! If you’re a Tide Riser (and you are now one for life), I promise you’re a spectacularly high-functioning, amazing woman, so cut yourself a little slack every once in a while.


4. Never stop looking for opportunities to learn and grow.

Remember that learning and growth can happen in a multitude of ways. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned spending time at the dog run and scrambling up mountains. Feed your intellectual curiosity and desire for exploration.


Photo by Bill Gierke

Photo by Bill Gierke

5. Strive to remain unstuck.

You Tide Risers are a special breed, capable of pushing yourselves outside of your comfort zones to ensure you don’t get stuck in one place. Keep it up in 2018!

This is what I hope for you all. Will it be challenging? Most certainly. Which of these will be hardest for you? Please share in the comments below!