Tide Risers Empriseurs

Once a Tide Riser, always a Tide Riser.

Once you have successfully completed your cohort experience, you automatically join Tide Risers Empriseurs, our alumnae program.

You are also invited to supplement your Tide Risers Empriseurs experience with one of the following membership packages. These packages are designed to give you access to our expanding nationwide network of Tide Risers as well as provide you with structured programs and resources to help you build skills, get inspired, and stay accountable to your aspirations.

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Membership includes:

  • Access to Tide Risers Slack, our online platform that connects all Tide Risers across the nation

  • Invitations to Global Tide Risers Video Conferences, taking place 6x/year to supplement your experience and connect you with Tide Risers across the nation

  • Subscription to our brand-new quarterly Rising Tide Newsletter, which will include question guides for intention-setting and staying accountable to your goals. The newsletter will also include continued learning resources and our recommended reading list

  • Preferential registration for the Tide Risers Annual Summit

  • Invitations to Social Excursions

Annual fee: $150

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package 2

Membership includes:

  • Access to all Package 1 benefits plus:

  • 3 UnstickHers per year, including one exclusively for Empriseurs in your region, one combined with your region’s current cohort, and one nationwide Empriseurs online video conference UnstickHer session led by a Tide Risers Facilitator.

  • $100 discount if you successfully recruit a member to any cohort in the United States

Annual fee: $450

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package 3

Membership includes:

  • Access to all Package 2 benefits plus:

  • A $300 gift to our scholarship fund, benefitting Tide Risers members who require financial assistance

Annual fee: $750