City of Sisterly Love


It’s been quite a few years for women.  From the Women’s March to #MeToo to the battle over the Supreme Court, women are making their voices heard and are – as always – at the forefront of critical changes in our society.

And yet.  Making change in the world is exhausting, and even more so if we are trying to go at it alone.  Wherever we are in our efforts to make the world a better place, our hearts may urge for more – more impact, more community, more time, more MEANING, more JOY.  As we go through our busy days striving to keep it all together for our families, for our jobs, for ourselves, it can be hard to carve out that community for connection, for learning, for impact, for laughter.

I believe that what we need is a community of sisterly love.  A community of women in the Greater Philadelphia area who want support, encouragement, and accountability to help each other listen to, and then lean into, that urge for more


Fortunately, there is Tide Risers, and fortunately, Tide Risers is coming to Philly!

What is Tide Risers?  Tide Risers is a rapidly growing national movement of women supporting women, founded in 2017 in New York City by Lara HollidayTide Risers is a deliberate community for women leaders working for the greater good.  Through our year-long cohort-based program and our alumni program, we offer personal and professional development for our members. But our mission and outcomes are greater. Tide Risers is about building real relationships and community where we expand our own – and each other’s – impact

When I think of the moments in my life where I have had the most impact, I see the close circle of women around me who have cheered me on, pushed me when I needed the push, held the mirror up, and cried, celebrated, and laughed with me through the journey of highs and lows.

When I heard about Tide Risers through a friend who joined the inaugural cohort, I was intrigued and inspired.  A deliberate community of women empowering others to be their best selves, much like the ones I have been so grateful to have?  Sign me up!  When I learned this group didn’t yet exist in Philly, I was thrilled to raise my hand to help launch it in my home town.

Our inaugural Philly cohort provides an incredible opportunity to shape our community to make sure each woman gets what she needs out of the experience to be her best self, to get unstuck, to find meaning, joy, and a new community to last a lifetime.  Join us in launching our Philadelphia community of sisterly love!


Marion Biglan is the Tide Risers Facilitator for Philadelphia, PA. Marion is a coach, collaborator and community builder who loves her adopted city of Philadelphia. Marion coaches mission-driven leaders and consults with education and social-impact organizations through her business, MHBiglan Consulting, and through a collaborative she co-founded called Talent Impact Partners.  

Marion Biglan