Announcing Tide Risers 2019 Cohorts!

2019 Cohort Announcement.png

We are so pleased to announce Tide Risers' 2019 cohort members! Over one hundred women joined us this year across seven cities in the U.S. In addition, our alumnae, called Empriseurs, continue to be a strong and vibrant community of women committed to enriching and advancing one another and themselves.

Our new cohorts include women with an astonishing array of life experience, including professions such as UX research, social work, venture capital, restorative justice, real estate, integrative medicine, bio-oncology, peace-building, education, and sales.

Our cohorts include women at the beginning of their careers, women at the top of their careers, women who work at home, and women considering what's next. Their titles include Executive Director, Artistic Director, Executive Assistant, CEO, and Mom. We're so proud to have them with us, and we can't wait to gather them all together for our annual summit in New Orleans in October!

So without further ado, please welcome our 2019 Tide Risers!

2019 Tide Risers and Empriseurs


Samantha Abrahams

Joey Ackerman

Renate Aguilera

Sara Allard

Vincena Allen

Emma Aller

Zahra Amanpour

Lindsay Barbee

Lea Berry

Marion Biglan

Melissa Blemur

Callan Blount Fleming

Laura Bohorquez Perez

Lucy Brock

Anne-Marie Brown

Keisha Brown

Tashi Brown

Karen Brown

Sharon Brown

Natalka Burian

DeDee Cai

Mary Candler Fulweiler

Grace Cannon

Mandy Casamassima

Sarah Clarke

Kristen Coffield

Janine Coover

Linda Costello

Christina Crespo

Antonia Dean

Mamie Doyle Manella

Liz Duffy

Maiken Erstad

Courtney Evans

Shermica Farquhar

Jewell Fears

Anna May Feige

Laura Fisher

Maelle Fonteneau

Morgan Fykes

Katryn Geane

Jen Gerber

Marissa Gernett

Erin Gevertz

Jennifer Gregory

Ren Harmon

Kate Hastings

Alisa Herr

Christina Holder

Mel Hook

Edel Howlin

Dynasti Hunt

Amy Jacobus

Michal-Anne Jones

Sherley Juste

Michele Keyes

Katie Kinsella

Val Kirilova

Amanda Kirpitch

Sophie Koven

Danielle Kristine Toussaint

NimeLa Fauci

Hildemarie LaDouceur

Sabrina LeBlanc

Claudia Lewis

Jenny Lowman

Mirand Magagnini

Melissa Manning

Tara Marlovits

Kimberly McGlonn

Kay McKean

Alberta McKnight

Judith Meer

Gina Mello

Jessica Mertz

Rachel Metlzer Warren

Liz Miller

Jeanne Murphy

Beth Nichols-Howarth

Alima Nickerson

Willow Oberweger

Elizabeth Oswald

Ami Patel Hopkins

Erin Perkins

Beatrice Perkins

Maya Petrocelli

Jamie Renwick

JaLisha Richmond

Claire Robertson-Kraft

Shannon Romines

Beverly Rouse

Felicia Rubinstein

Alexasia Salter-Mack

Karha Sanon

Christina Schwefel

Vivien Schweitzer

Sue Seibert

Rachel Sieg

Kristine Sloan

Ayanna Smith

Rachel Smith

Allison Stevens

Meghan Swan

Ivana Tagliamonte Newman

Cassandra Tai-Marcellini

Katie Takayasu

Pheobe Taubman

Alessandra Thomas

Sydney Thomas

Laura Torrisi

Maggie Traux

Kelly Tschantz

Sarah Volkman

Anne Pennington Wang

Sherese Ward

Deloris Wilson

Lilah Wise


Lara Holliday