We're Hiring: Join Us As A Facilitator


We are thrilled to announce that we are seeking applications for new Tide Risers Facilitators for cohorts running from January through December 2020.

Tide Risers Facilitators are entrepreneurial superstars, dynamic leadership coaches, cheerleaders for women, and visionary thinkers. They enable personal growth by setting the stage, fostering community, and identifying opportunities for Tide Risers to become “unstuck” professionally and personally. They ensure the well-being of their members while pushing them to grow by stepping outside of their comfort levels. They are also some of the most impressive, intelligent, activated role models you’ll ever meet.

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Does this sound like a high bar? It is. To be a successful Facilitator, you must possess a wide range of skills that will enable you to successfully recruit and retain a cohort in your location, and also manage and facilitate that cohort.  

Facilitators join the ranks of the Tide Risers Leadership Team, becoming a member of a tightly knit, supportive team of women dedicated to developing one another’s skills and networks. They have the opportunity to stretch their skills and broaden their impact while developing a supportive community of women leaders. Perhaps most importantly, Tide Risers Facilitators play a key role in the lives of our members, helping them to get themselves unstuck and moving toward meaningful goals while building meaningful, lasting community.

How Does It Work?

Being a Facilitator for a Tide Risers cohort is basically like running your own entrepreneurial start-up, except you have all of the curricular and back-office support of Tide Risers headquarters, along with the resources and expertise of our tremendous Leadership Team. Our growth model is designed to financially reward Facilitators for the revenue they are responsible for generating. Accordingly, Facilitators are compensated with a percentage of the member fees, sponsorships, and scholarships they bring in through their cohort. Facilitators work on a part-time basis; all of our current facilitators have either full-time or part-time employment in addition to their Tide Risers facilitation work.  

Where Are You Located?

We are specifically looking for Facilitators in London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas, and Atlanta, but please let us know if you would like to open a Tide Risers cohort in another area.

Ready To Learn More?

Contact us to discuss whether you might be the next Tide Risers Facilitator to join the team!

Lara Holliday