Living Like a Tide Riser: Our Values


I am often asked about the values that drove me to launch Tide Risers. I figured this is a frequent enough question that some of our blog readers may also have an interest in learning more about the Tide Risers story.

Tide Risers was born out of a vision for how women can work together to make the world a better place. It was driven by a desire to see women work together rather than in competition with one another. It was fueled by the frustration of seeing powerful women judged by their clothes, voices, and personal lives rather than by their character and performance. And it was fed by an immense desire to be able to connect powerful women to one another to increase our ability to effect change.

To be honest, once the vision for Tide Risers began to form, founding the program was something I felt I had little choice but to do. I think this must be what they describe as a true calling. 

So, I want to share the values that have made Tide Risers a successful journey for me, my collaborators, and our members. Here goes!:

1.  We’re here to serve as a case study to prove that when we as women support one another rather than compete with one another, we all rise. 

2.  We all have immense capacity to do good. Regardless of your line of work, your age, or your wealth, you can effect change that serves the greater good.

3.  Tide Risers members are high performers and exceptionally skilled individuals, and we need to remember to engage in deliberate acts of self-forgiveness.

4.  Integrity of intention and action is everything. Always lean hard on your values when making small or large decisions.

5.  We are constant, curious learners. We need to give ourselves opportunities to learn and grow always.

6.   We must push ourselves outside of our comfort zones to get ourselves unstuck from whatever is keeping us in our loop.

This last guiding value is driven by those that precede it. Tide Risers programmatically guides members to reengineer how they operate daily, weekly, monthly, and even longer term in order to get unstuck and move forward. This is what I call living like a Tide Riser.

If you're wondering why Tide Risers is just for women, read about my thoughts on the matter here.