Leadership Principles


The Tide Risers Leadership Principles, collectively created by our Leadership Team, help us orient ourselves to the highest standards of relating to one another as women and as professionals. They enable us to create and sustain a culture that is supportive of the Tide Risers mission and our vision for the spirit of collaboration we want to model. 

As the leadership of Tide Risers, we use these Leadership Principles to guide our strategic planning, to develop our program and offerings, and to make the hard decisions we are all faced with along the way. We facilitate conversations with our global community to delve deeply into the meaning and consequences of each Principle and examine how each informs our work.

Our commitment is to constantly re-examine these Principles to ensure they are providing the guidance we need to offer an excellent experience to our Members, and to continuously develop and enhance our trusted community of accountability and advancement.



We give generously and unselfishly, believing there will always be enough and we are all we need.




As a community that actively shapes and uplifts each other, we also recognize that each of us as individuals are responsible for doing our own work.




We courageously and openly embrace discomfort, challenge, and new learning as we take the bold risk of trusting our community.




We do not seek perfection in ourselves or others; we show up as we are and meet each other where we are.