About Us


Tide Risers is a deliberate community for women seeking to amplify our impact.

Joining our community is a commitment to advancing not just yourself, but to uplifting, challenging, and holding accountable your fellow Tide Risers. Together, we are redefining female leadership.

Watch us in action: When Women Work Together, We All Rise

Tide Risers members enjoy access to a powerful, diverse network of women dedicated to supporting and advancing one another.

Tide Risers is a place where you are offered the opportunity to build real, lasting relationships with women you may never have had the chance to meet elsewhere. The cross-pollination of ideas from diverse perspectives and the sharing of talent from a variety of rich life experiences make our sessions powerful experiences and give our Members resources that may have otherwise been beyond their grasp.

Our members report tremendous personal and professional growth and a heightened ability to successfully make critical life choices, open up their horizons, and face challenges with enhanced inner resources. Importantly, members also build true, lasting relationships that ultimately promote meaningful career and personal growth.




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The Tide Risers journey begins with our signature one-year, cohort based experience.

Members begin their journey in January, and work with their cohort of carefully selected women through December. Members then graduate to become Empriseurs, the women leaders who have completed our cohort work and remain dedicated to the Tide Risers mission and community.

The Tide Risers curriculum includes our monthly gathering, called the UnstickHer Session, occasional Excursions, monthly individual assignments, small group work, and a yearly summit to bring all of our members together from across the nation.

Tide Risers differs from other women’s networking groups and development programs in that members work closely together within a facilitated framework of accountability and advancement, driven by the Tide Risers curriculum.

UnstickHer Sessions:

Designed to help members move up and out of their sticking points to help them achieve and advance, UnstickHer Sessions are the heart and soul of Tide Risers. These monthly, in-person sessions include deep self-exploratory and community-building work. You can expect intention setting, journaling, and deep discussions, all facilitated through individual, small group and full group reflection as well as a structured peer-to-peer coaching model.

Leveraging the expertise of our national network of Tide Risers, members learn and practice tactical skills to support them in their daily personal and professional lives. UnstickHer session topics have included Fearless Decision-MakingChoosing the ‘Bigger Life’Controlling Your Narrative, and Visible and Invisible Identities: Race and Gender.


Excursions are our opportunity to come together and build relationships in a more casual, less structured way. These events could be a picnic in a park, cocktails after work, or a walk through a neighborhood no one has been to before. Relationships seeded at UnstickHer sessions flourish through these excursions, which give busy members a built-in lever for nurturing and growing new relationships and building a dynamic, reciprocal ecosystem of local support and community.





Annual membership for our 2019 first-year cohort program is $2,200, and rates for 2020 cohorts will be published soon. Empriseurs do not pay a financial fee for membership. The are asked, however, to contribute something to the Tide Risers community every year.

Financial Assistance

The generosity of our sponsors make possible a limited amount of financial assistance for members who need it. If you require financial assistance, please reach out to us. We work very hard to make Tide Risers accessible to all, so please don’t hesitate to ask!