Discovering a New Calling


When I first learned about the Tide Risers, I thought it would be a great fit because it was a year-long experience that would allow me to truly grow over the course of a full year. Little did I know how much being a part of the DC Tide Risers would change me and really encourage me to grow.

As a deaf entrepreneur, I’ve always shied away from letting my deafness identify me. I used to oppress that side of me because I saw it as a burden for anyone who had to “deal” with me. Tide Risers helped me to examine my values and identity, and start embracing my unique position straddling the line between the deaf and hearing worlds. Tide Risers has helped me to resonate with my identity and come to terms with the fact that being deaf is a CORE part of me and my business. I now feel empowered to push forward and create a platform to advocate for more accessible content in the online industry thanks to Tide Risers!

-Erin Perkins, Operations and Design Maven

Tide Risers