Tide Risers is one big inspiration fest. Lara Holliday has a knack for bringing together only the best, brightest, kindest and most generous women. She has created a culture where we feel safe to share our most vulnerable stories and still have outrageous amounts of fun. I have uncovered more confidence and courage in my professional endeavors because of the active support of my fellow Tide Risers. I have been moved to give more of my time and money to causes I care about deeply. I have been given about a billion shining examples of not what but how I want to be when I grow up.

-Amy Jacobus, Marketing Strategy for Artists, Nonprofits & Entrepreneurs


I was reflecting on all the ways that Tide Risers shaped me recently and I have to say that as much as I love schools and am interested in school leadership, I've also discovered how passionate I am, specifically, about female leadership. Did you know that women make up 70% of the work force in schools, but only 30% of the leadership? It's so clear to me that my interests hue more closely to advocating for and supporting other women who want to do this work too. Tide Risers helped me carve space in my life for that interest. Ever grateful for that.

-Lauren Links, Master's Degree Candidate in Private School Leadership, Teachers College, Columbia University


Being a part of Tide Risers gave me the boost in confidence and accountability that I needed to take the leap and launch my own company. Getting to know so many women at different points in their own professional journey helped me see what was possible now and in future. I relish the time spent among the incredible people that are my Tide Risers cohort.

-Danielle Kristine Toussaint, Founder + CEO, She Thinks Purple


When I joined Tide Risers, I knew there was an entrepreneur inside of me clambering to get out. Tide Risers helped give me the number one tool I most needed to launch a new business: confidence. 

Instead of hitting the usual wall of self-doubt, I had the Tide Risers community and program to help me get unstuck. It gave me what I can only really describe as endurance. Tide Risers was a whole community of voices shouting 'you can do this'!

-Laura Baker, founder of online home and lifestyle boutique, Kinlane


I took a real leap of faith when joining Tide Risers.  I was scared of the time commitment – can I really do this with three young children, my own business and a million other things going on? I said YES because I knew it was important enough to me to make it work, and I am here to tell you that it is doable! When I joined, I didn’t know we’d be moving mid-year (an hour away), and I have still been able to stay intimately involved with Tide Risers. Honestly, the UnstickHer sessions and few other Tide Riser’s commitments are the only time I give myself to focus on my personal and professional growth, so it is worth it 100%! You too should say YES!

-Jamie Renwick, President, Jamie Renwick Associates