Who Are Tide Risers?

Tide Risers are a diverse group of women who play leadership roles within their respective fields and are dedicated to supporting the greater good. Our members include teachers, CEOs, attorneys, community organizers, entrepreneurs, novelists, creative directors, philanthropists, and more. You can read about a few members of our 2017 cohort here, and find a full list of our Founding Members along with information about our founder, Lara Holliday, and our regional Facilitators here.


Where is tide risers located?

Tide Risers is currently located in seven locations across the United States: New York City; Fairfield County, CT; Jersey City, NJ; Philadelphia; Raleigh-Durham, NC; San Francisco; and Washington, DC. If you're interested in bringing Tide Risers to your area or your business, let us know!


How much of a time commitment is this?

The time commitment is one evening per month, with some exceptions. Most months of the year, we have one three-hour UnstickHer session taking place from 6PM to 9PM on a weeknight. A couple of times a year we host Excursions, which are more casual social gatherings. We meet less frequently in July and August, and in January we meet for one day-long retreat on a Saturday or Sunday. Occasionally we may offer other events such as retreats and skill-building workshops that you may opt into if they are of interest to you.


Can I participate for less than one year?

No, this is a year-long cohort program, and all members commit for the full year.


What is expected of members?

Please read what we expect of our members here.

What should I expect in an UnstickHer session?

UnstickHer sessions are the heart and soul of Tide Risers. They are a facilitated experience designed to advance our skill sets, move us out of whatever is holding us back, clarify goals and intentions, and build strong relationships that can result in powerful collaborations, career opportunities, and friendships. Each UnstickHer session is different, and the curriculum is scaffolded to build upon members' experiences and skill sets each month.


What are Stickwithher Groups?

Each Tide Risers cohort is arranged into small groups of three to four members, called StickWithHer groups. These are the people with whom you will work in break-outs during UnstickHer sessions, and they are the people who will help track your progress during the year, ask probing questions, check in on areas of difficulty or conflict, and generally serve as your personal cheerleading squad. 


What are Tide Risers Excursions?

Excursions are our opportunity to come together in a more casual, less structured way. Excursion activities are planned and coordinated by StickWithHer Groups, each of which will be responsible for the planning of one or two Excursion events per year. These events could be a picnic in a park, cocktails after work, or a walk through a neighborhood no one has been to before. The only rule is that the activity can't cost more than $20 per member.


What are my payment options?

Maintaining a socio-economically diverse cohort is one of our priorities, and we strive to make Tide Risers accessible and affordable for all. To that end, we encourage women to consider joining the Accelerators' Initiative and we actively pursue sponsorships with partners who are interested in supporting women leaders. Please contact us if you would like to talk about payment plans or sponsoring other women to join Tide Risers.