Lara Holliday


Lara Holliday is the Founder and CEO of Tide Risers. Creating Tide Risers was a culminating step in an inevitable journey for Lara. Her 20+ year career spanning for-profit, creative, non-profit, and government agencies led her to develop our program for women working collaboratively within a structured framework of community and accountability. 


Tide Risers is a venture of Bergen Street Strategy, which Lara founded in 2010 to advise mission-driven organizations. Bergen Street Strategy offers executive coaching and communications and fundraising consulting services to make great organizations even better. By helping her clients make organizational and personal values a central organizing function of their decision-making and strategic planning, Lara steers leaders to identify, clarify, and communicate the values that drive their work and provide meaningful engagement.

Lara takes the responsibility to mentor younger women very seriously, and makes this a guiding tenet of her business practices. This passion was also the inspiration behind Bergen Street Salon, a curated discussion group she founded in 2012.

Lara grew up on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. and after 25 years of living in New York City has recently relocated to London with her husband, two daughters, and rambunctious rescue mutt, Rowdy. 

Lara Holliday