Tide Risers Alexa Skill

We are happy to offer a newly released Tide Risers Skill through the Amazon Alexa app. This Skill can be used to enhance your Tide Risers experience if you are a member of a cohort, and it can also be used by non-members who want to learn more about Tide Risers and incorporate our practices into their daily lives. Read about it below and sign up today!


Daily Challenges

Tide Risers are encouraged to try new things and push themselves past their comfort zones. Daily challenges are designed to give you the opportunity to grow and stretch yourself every day.



journaling Prompts

Every week we will offer a prompt, or query, for you to use to inspire and maintain a self-reflective journaling practice. Find yourself a notebook and give yourself ten to twenty minutes to do some journaling. You'll be surprised at what you can get out of it.




Every Tide Risers session begins and ends with a meditation designed to center us and get us reconnected with our community. Now you can make use of these meditations at home or on the go in 90 seconds or less.